Where The Hell Is Matt? This Evening, (Supposedly) Right Here

A little bird passed this along, so I’m not guaranteeing it’s really-truly going to happen, but supposedly Matt Harding, the guy from Where The Hell Is Matt? who travels ’round the world doing his goofy dance with people in various cities and countries (and has, believe it or not, managed to get paid for it for a little while now), is going to be here in Houston today (Mon., August 1st). Holy wow.

Here’re the details:

Come dance with me in Houston!

In this new video, I’m actually learning how to dance, so I’ll be
showing some easy moves and asking people to follow along. But don’t worry. I’m still not very good at dancing so you don’t have to be either. Just remember to smile and have fun.

We’ll be filming for about half an hour in total. Expect to sweat a bit.

PLACE: In front of the Waterwall in Waterwall Park
DATE: Monday, August 1st
TIME: 6:30pm

Here’s a Google map of the location:

When you get to the spot, look for the guy who looks like the guy in the dancing video. Just come on over, say hello, and ask if I am Matt. If I’m not Matt, I will let you know.

Before we dance, I will need to get your legal permission to appear in the video. I’ll shout some legal-sounding stuff on camera and you can just nod and give me a thumbs up if you’re okay with it. Kids under 18, please bring a parent or guardian, or at least bring a photo of one of their thumbs to hold up (just kidding, don’t do that).

I can’t guarantee the clip we shoot will end up in the final video. There will be a lot of footage to choose from and some of it will not be used.

There you go — show up at the Water Wall near the Galleria/Williams Tower around 6:30, and hey, you might end up dancing in a YouTube video seen by thousands of people everywhere. (Or, alternatively, you might just be standing there looking confused; like I said, no guarantees this is the real deal. Although the username for the Google Map linked above is “BadDancer,” which is Harding’s Xbox Live screen name…)

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