Tonight: Day Sailor, Maren Parusel, & Jealous Creatures at Rudz

There’s a cool-sounding show going down tonight (Tues., July 12th) up at Rudyard’s, and I wanted to point a bit of a finger towards it, at least, to let folks know it’s going on…

The headliners (at least, I think they’re the headliners) are a Day Sailor, a band I’ve seen pop up on the shows list a couple of times over the past few months but hadn’t heard much about before this week. I’ve been listening to the two tracks they’ve got up on their Myspace & Facebook pages so far, and I’m liking ’em quite a bit; singer Amanda Tankersley‘s voice reminds me at times of Imogen Heap (whom I love), swooping and diving impressively while managing to never take away from the songs.

Musically, I keep thinking of a bluesier, less-precious Eisley, which is no mean feat right there. And when she and bandmate Michael Razmandi really kick in, towards the end of “My Head Rules My Heart,” the whole thing lifts off nicely, almost echoing sadly-departed H-town band While You Were Gone.

In the middle spot, then, there’s Californian/German songstress Maren Parusel (currently of San Diego), who — along with a very capable backing band — plays intriguingly electro-tinged songs that tread a line between buzzing, Elastica-like rock and cold-as-ice Euro-pop and manages to pull it off pretty damn well. Take a look at a video right here:

First up are Jealous Creatures, whom I’ve written about quite a few times lately but am still liking a lot — they definitely stand up to repeated listenings. At its best, the music’s rough-edged and buzzy like mid-’90s alternative rock before the term became a bad word, but with singer Sarah Hirsch coming off more like Cowboy JunkiesMargo Timmins. I seriously need to see the band live, one of these damn days.

There you are — now you’ve got a reason to escape the house tonight. Aaaaaand…go!

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