Yr. (Early) Weekend: Canned Acoustica 3 + Jealous Creatures + The Fox Derby + Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. + Generationals + More

There’s some very, very cool stuff going on tonight (Thurs., May 26th), so I wanted to pop on here & mention it; sorry for the quiet these past several days…

First & kinda-sorta foremost, over at Warehouse Live there’s the excellent, excellent latest installment of the Canned Acoustica shows, organized by cool photog dude Mark C. Austin, where bands of local H-town heroes turn down/off and play those loud, ear-destroying songs they (well, most of ’em) love to do acoustically, or at least quietly. The lineup for this one looks very good, with awesome folks like The Manichean, Holy Fiction, Hilary Sloan, and Tax the Wolf playing (and hey, for the latter, be sure to wish Mario a happy birthday), plus what sounds like a neat collab between Two Star Symphony and rapper Fat Tony. Expect mind-blowing-ness.

Fitz has a really great lineup — two, really, but I’ll get to that — with Brit-sounding psych-popsters The Fox Derby playing alongside recently New York-ified singer/songwriter Arthur Yoria and damn cool new-ish band Jealous Creatures, which features members of Japanic and Big Top(!). Check out the review we just put up of the Creatures’ debut EP, on over here.

And like I said, it’s actually both floors of Fitz that are pretty badass tonight; they’ve got out-of-towners Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Generationals, plus local homeys Young Girls, who incidentally caused (well, indirectly) one of the single most embarassing Facebook incidents I’ve ever been a party to. Think before you click “Like,” people. Trust me on this.

Anyway, I haven’t heard much of Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. just yet, sadly, but I have heard Generationals, and I’ve been pretty impressed in the past. Oh, and in spite of my grumbling, Young Girls do rule. If one of the guys from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. looks kinda familiar, btw, that’s because Daniel Zott also sings/raps in a band called The Victorious Secrets…who are (were?) the latest band in those FreeCreditReport.com commercials. (He’s the one with the hideous bowtie.)

Here’s the whole list; pick something & just go, eh?:

Canned Acoustica #3, featuring Two Star Symphony feat. Fat Tony, Hilary Sloan, The Manichean, Jeff Crowder, Holy Fiction, The Handshake, Tax the Wolf, & Alicia Gianni @ Warehouse Live
The Fox Derby/Jealous Creatures/Fetish Vendetta/Arthur Yoria/Animal Farmacy @ Fitzgerald’s
Sarah Cook/Logan Mason/Mantis/Franchise & Yung @ The Mink
Dredg/The Trophy Fire/Balance and Composure/The Dear Hunter @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr./Generationals/Young Girls @ Fitzgerald’s
S.P.E.A.K. V, featuring Tim Woods, 2-Twenty, Killafornianz, Buckamore, & A.d.D. @ Mango’s

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