Giant Princess Defends H-town’s Honor

Got an email earlier this week from one of the most intriguing, strange-yet-familiar bands floating around town in recent years, garage-blues-popsters Giant Princess, to say that they’re going to be playing their valiant hearts out at a big-name battle of the bands happening this coming Thursday, April 21st

It’s called Kick It with the Band, and it’s sponsored by T-Mobile as part of some sort of Sidekick 4G promo deal, and while that kind of &uumlber-corporate mess normally makes me somewhat leery of the whole thing, this sounds like a very good deal for the GP guys — they get $1000 just for playing & a new T-Mobile Sidekick for each member of the band, and then 10 devoted fans will have the chance to snag Sidekicks of their own from the band’s Facebook page (although I’m not real clear how that’s supposed to work).

Oh, and the real point of the thing: Giant Princess will be facing off against 8 other bands, most of whom probably suck ridiculously, for a grand prize of $35,000 worth of recording time & “band promotions” (whatever those are). That’s a lot of money for these guys, y’all, and I know they could use it.

To help ’em out, go vote at, and stay tuned for details on the actual venue for Thursday’s show. The battle’s organizers are being real mysterious about the details, for some reason…

To make things even better, Diego of GP has promised that their set at the actual show will be all-new material, which is extremely cool. Here’s the planned set list:

  1. Gun Play
  2. And I Stepped Into His Grave
  3. Fourth of July
  4. Phantom of the Opera

Again, ultra-corporate stuff like this normally is not my thing, but I’m all for helping out deserving local music-makers any way possible, even when it’s weird and marketing-y, and Giant Princess are definitely deserving. Let’s give ’em a shot at this, y’all.

And hey, just for fun, here’s the video for “Gun Play”:

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