Disambiguation, Touring, and Family: A Conversation with Underoath’s Chris Dudley

Thursday January 20, 2011, was not only my birthday, but it was also the day Underoath started their headlining winter Disambiguation tour. I had an interview with keyboardist Chris Dudley scheduled for 6PM but cohort La June and I decided to arrive earlier.

At the time, it seemed like a good idea, but after sitting outside in the freezing cold…it wasn’t a good idea after all. I called the tour manager around 5:45PM, but there was no answer. After waiting until 6:05PM, I decided to approach Timothy McTague, the band’s lead guitarist. He went inside the tour bus, and seconds later, he invited us in. As we entered the bus, I saw all the guys from Underoath sitting, waiting for the show to start; they all welcomed us kindly.

We then preceded to follow Chris into the back room to start our interview. After making conversation and breaking the ice for about 10 minutes, we started out by discussing new album Disambiguation and how different it is from the usual Underoath we know. The tour and touring in general was also discussed, along with the guy’s favorite video games while on the road. He mentioned how being away from his family is the hardest thing about being on tour, but even so, he loves doing what he does.

Chris was a really cool and nice guy, and it was a pleasure being able to converse with him. After all was said and done, the guys wished me a happy birthday and took a few pictures with me. Definitely a birthday to remember.

Watch the full interview:

Interview with Underoath’s Keyboardist Chris Dudley from Ana Pacheco on Vimeo.

Interview by Ana Pacheco and La June Resendiz. END

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