The Dee Use, Shave or Make Massive

The Dee Use, Shave or Make Massive

The Houston electronic noise band The Dee Use have a delivery that is very similar to a swarm of angry bees attacking. Angry robot bees. Short and not-so-sweet, the band’s 4-song EP Shave or Make Massive is a little gem of frantic, mind-numbing noise that’s sure to get your blood pressure up.

While my initial reaction to Shave or Make Massive was to roll my eyes at the artsy-ness of it all, my sentiments changed when I returned to the second track, “Her Name Is Mini.” On this song, intense drums join in with the band’s standard backdrop of electronic crunchy nonsense. Clocking in at just over a minute, it blares into life with a steadily rising drone that continues to fizzle in and out through the track. The even shorter third track, “Stuck In,” is really just a continuation of “Her Name is Mini,” with some sharper drums.

Although they tend to fall into the artsy no-wave crowd, The Dee Use have a jagged punk edge to them that would make them a perfect opener for a B L A C K I E show. Although I haven’t seen them perform, I imagine that seeing them live is probably the best way to appreciate them. I bet there would be a lot of moshing.

Shave or Make Massive isn’t a masterpiece, but it’s fun for what it is. If you’re more of a acoustic-guitar-and-pretty-harmonies kind of person, then this will not be your cup of tea. But if you enjoy some fuzzy, face-melting sounds every once in a while, you’ll probably find that The Dee Use satisfy that craving very well.

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