Sunaglare, Sunaglare

Sunaglare, Sunaglare

There is that saying of what once was old is now new again, and it’s proven true by the newest musical export from Sweden, Sunaglare. This band draws its most obvious influence from retro-rockers The Hellacopters; it’s that sound of fuzz-laden stoner-rock, a la Fu Manchu or Nebula. On their Myspace page, they try and lay claim to the Seattle sound, but not on the tracks that I got.

In all fairness, though, the EP I’ve got does not correspond to what they are selling on iTunes. My version opens with “Broken Machine,” which is hooky as all get out, and B. Hagman’s vocals have a laidback quality that the Kings of Leon wish they had. “Lucy Ling” has a more of a groove to it in the main riff, as the band declares its lust for their Asian desire. “If I Could” features more of a radio feel to it than the others, very reminiscent of Seemless. It all comes to a distortion-pedaled end with “Don’t Mind,” another radio-friendly track; unfortunately, this one borders on the Switchfoot side, and that ain’t a good side to be on. Maybe these last two tracks are what the band is referring to when they mention a “Seattle influence.”

What’s presented here is a promising look at a band. I’m curious as to why they seem more dismissive of their obvious stoner-rock tendencies. Hopefully when they release a full album, it’ll flesh itself out.

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