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Sunday Night's Alright: No Idea + Street Dogs + Flutes + Miss Leslie [3/01/2009 07:53:00 PM]:
Well, it's better than that, really -- tonight's looking pretty damn good to my homebound ass. If you have yet to decide your evening, well, it's not too late; enjoy those chilly evenings while you can, y'all...

No Idea Festival, featuring Mario de Vega, Jawwaad Taylor, Annette Krebs, Jason Kahn, Bonnie Jones, David Dove, & Chris Cogburn @ Art League Houston (1953 Montrose; $10 for 18+, 7PM)
Yep, this one's already going on, but it's still worth running on over to, I'd say -- the good people at Nameless Sound tend to put together good shows/festivals, and this one's no exception. It features avant-garde noise-makers from as far afield as Baltimore (Bonnie Jones), Zurich (Jason Kahn), Berlin (Annette Krebs & Mario de Vega), NYC (trumpet player/MC Jawwaad Taylor), & Mexico City (de Vega, again), plus a couple of closer-to-home folks (ex-Sprawl jazz icon Dave Dove & Austinite percussionist Chris Cogburn), all coming together at the Art League to make what's bound to be some craaaaaazy noise.

Street Dogs/Flatfoot56/Ashers/Hell City Kings @ Warehouse Live
If I had a working vehicle, this is most likely where I'd be -- I've been on a "screw the out-of-towners" kick of late, but I've got a serious soft spot in my soul for the hardworking Boston boys (and one expat Houstonian) in Street Dogs. They're like the Dropkick Murphys (with whom they've shared members in the past) minus the over-the-top Irish-ness; instead, they're pretty much what the name says, just street-level, working-man's punk rawk. And local boys Hell City Kings are no slouch in that department, either.

Michelle Yom/Roberta Michel @ Avant Garden (upstairs)
Want a less electronics-focused avant-garde show than the No Idea fest to check out? Well, look no further than the Avant Garden tonight -- two flutists, local artist Michele Yom and NYC artist Roberta Michel will be up there doing things with their flutes that would probably make most flute players quiver and curl up into a tiny ball. (Get there asap, btw, 'cause the show started around 6PM...)

Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers @ Hyde's Cafe (Spring)
A little ways out of town, yep, but this one's also near & dear to my heart -- Miss Leslie is hands-down my favorite country musician at the moment (and not just locally, although I'll admit she's nearly tied with Utah's Band of Annuals), and she's having a fundraiser-type show right now (5-9PM) up at Hyde's Cafe in Old Town Spring. She's trying to get together the cash to start recording her new album, and that's one heck of a good thing to put your $$$ towards. If you're in the 'hood, get on over there.

That's it from me; enjoy what's left of the weekend, all...

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