Aaron English, The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

Aaron English, The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

For me, after having been submerged in a whirlpool of repetitive lyrics and overdone production, Seattle-based musician Aaron English truly brings music to my ears. His latest release, The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, successfully crosses musical genres with a result that is both explosive and intoxicating. Elbow-deep in a melodic pool of pop-rock, jazz and world beats, The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon effortlessly weaves around with catchy hooks and a passionate exuberance in every sung word. Each track, whether it be tinged with a Middle Eastern-sounding progression (“Like Smoke”) or an achingly sweet, piano-laced love song (“Lovers In the Red Sky”), carries a truly deep, crisp and touching melody. With out a doubt, Aaron English’s album is true to its name, optimistic without having to try, sad but not depressing, and mesmerizing yet with just enough variety to keep you wanting to hear more.

(self-released; Aaron English -- http://www.aaronenglish.com/)

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