Emily Jane White, Dark Undercoat

Emily Jane White, Dark Undercoat

The thing about writing songs that speak to the darker parts of our soul is the delicate balance of writing songs that are sentimental without being prosaic and annoyingly emo. It takes a truly talented and self-aware musician to construct lyrical poetry that is reflective without taking itself too seriously. Emily Jane White has mastered the art of beautifully written songs that highlight themes of isolation and yearning in a somber and honest way. The songs on her debut album, Dark Undercoat, can be universally understood, and her hauntingly gorgeous voice echoes an endearing vulnerability. Every note she sings is rich and earnest. Armed only with an acoustic guitar and the occasional stroke of the piano, White uses her voice as the most telling instrument throughout the album. “Sleeping Dead” and “Dagger” are solemn folk melodies that carry the depth of White’s words and the strength of her vocal prowess. Dark Undercoat is a truly a melodic breath of musical beauty.

(Double Negative Records -- P.O. Box 3266, Oakland, CA. 94609; http://www.doublenegativerecords.com/; Emily Jane White -- http://www.emilyjanewhite.com/)
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