Jon Fritz, When It’s Over

Jon Fritz, When It's Overa

Jon Fritz’s When It’s Over begins with relaxing acoustic melodies and flows into pieces that have a bit of a soft rock feel mixed with a country flavor and a coffeehouse aftertaste. The first song might pack a little more punch if it were a bit shorter, as it’s very enjoyable but doesn’t quite end in time. With the song “Bitch,” When It’s Over seems to take a major leap in style, exposing this band’s ability to rock with an alternative sound — until the vocals begin, and suddenly it’s all country for the rest of the song (but not the rest of the set). This CD was obviously produced well and it certainly keeps the listener guessing from track to track as to what’s going to come next. It has a fun ending as well, so make sure that you listen to this one all the way through track 13. I have a feeling that this is a band that I’d definitely enjoy seeing live.

(self-released; Jon Fritz --

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