The Anthem Sound, The Anthem Sound

The Anthem Sound, The Anthem Sound

Meh. That’s been my response whenever I had this album playing. I listened to this a couple times on my way to work the past few weeks and, honestly, nothing stands out here. Good production and all, but nothing new. It’s basically a mix of No Knife and Static Prevails-era Jimmy Eat World. Not a bad thing, per se — it’s just that those wells have gone dry a long time ago. (Side note: have you listened to the new Jimmy Eat World? Egads, that shit is cheese-tastic).

I feel like I should say something more. Hmmm. So, right now my fantasy football team is 4-0. Not bad, eh? Yeah, Tony Romo is really kicking ass for me right now. But goddam, what is going on with the NYG running backs? I mean, Jacobs is out, then Ward is in, then ESPN reports Ward’s out and Droughns is in, then five minutes before the game, Ward is back in? You’re killing me, Coughlin.

Hey, so The Anthem Sound — not bad, not good. But if you have $10 to spend and you wanna check out the band these guys are lifing, go pick up No Knife’s Fire in the City of Automatons. And good luck this season in fantasy football. Steer clear of the New York Giants running backs.

(Hello My Name Is Records --; Eyeball Records -- 70 E. Ridgewood Ave. 2nd Floor, Ridgewood, NJ. 07450;; The Anthem Sound --

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