Tommy and the Terrors, Unleash the Fury

Tommy and the Terrors, Unleash the Fury

Just by looking at the band name, the album title, and the producer (Matt Kelly of Dropkick Murphys fame), you know what you’re getting here. Raucous, old-school ’70s punk with elements of Oi! and hardcore. Lots of chanting and group vocals. Furiously pounded-out power chords, buzzing guitars, and lots of spilled beer. Lots of it, I imagine — this album never lets up, from the first shout to the last downstroke, it’s all pure piss and vinegar. What the hell is up with Boston that makes it keep creating these bands? Even their album cover is a depiction of a scene of insane, drunken carnage. Is that a leprechaun punching a skinhead? It sure as hell is. This is definitely not MTV/Hot Topic punk. You could probably call these guys the anti-Good Charlotte. God bless Tommy and the Terrors.

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