Turn Blue, Fire Like TV

Turn Blue, Fire Like TV

A band of two Midwesterners creating beautifully crafted indie-pop rock has never sounded so fine. Turn Blue, consisting of multi-layered musicians Nathan Mathes and Mike Sappanen, has recently released their first full-length album, Fire Like TV. Recorded using the increasingly popular medium of lo- and mid-fi recording techniques, Fire Like TV offers a truly unique and masterfully constructed listening experience. Playing multiple instruments, both Mathes and Sappanen bring consistent quality and texture to every song on the album. Mathes’ melodiously melancholy voice combines with the uncomplicated richness of the music to make songs like “Twenty One” and “Midwest Winter Workers” sound so good. The lyrics really speak to the band member’s Midwestern upbringing and prove that Wisconsin’s got a lot more going for it than great cheese. Fire Like TV, in all its unassuming glory, is an indie-inspired treasure.

(Utopian Vendor Records -- P.O. Box 5342, De Pere, WI. 54115-5342; http://www.utopianvendor.com/; Turn Blue -- http://www.turnblueband.com/)

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