Quiet Life, Quiet Life

Quiet Life, Quiet Life

“Country-inspired guitar melodies with a rock element” is the only way to really describe Quiet Life’s self-titled EP. These New Englanders sing (er, mumble and yelp) and play like a few country kids trying to find a way to waste the day away; but their music is anything but a waste. Their on-the-road hooks and melodies collide perfectly with their singer’s voice; with one guitar always an octave higher than the other, piercing through the steady drumbeat (and occasional harmonica) and creating a faultless alt-folk harmony. The jagged guitars and Sean Spellman’s gruffy voice almost makes it sound like a lighter ’90s-era Cursive. Although I’d like to hear more singing, the mostly instrumental songs still get stuck in my head. These guys are talented, creative, and different — a great band to take a break from the mainstream with, and a band you don’t forget easily. Quiet Life‘s rough but clean Southern-inspired tunes will have you counting the days ’till their full-length album comes out later this spring.

(Cosmodemonic Telegraph -- No. 46 State Street, New London, CT. 06320; http://www.hozomeen.org/; Quiet Life -- http://www.myspace.com/quietlife)

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