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sinews1THE PROLETARIAT — 8/28/2006: I really went to see the JonBenet, in deference to the miserable spectacle that “your liberal media” has made of a pathetic pervert in the not-too-distant past while ignoring the sickening horror of civil war in Iraq and the fact that our beloved New Orleans is, for all intents and purposes, still under water metaphorically if not in reality. The Bush mouthpiece in charge of rebuilding New Orleans says the levees are “back to pre-Katrina and getting better,” by the way. Even though the Army Corps of Engineers says those same levees are fucked. These statements were made within twenty-four hours of each other. Whom to believe, whom to believe… But I digress.

The JonBenet wasn’t there, anyway. The rest of the line-up was, however, and I was pretty stoked to see local bands Sinews and Fatal Flying Guilloteens. I talked to Aaron of the Sinews (I don’t know how he spells his name, so I’ll give him the Elvis spelling) after their show; nice guy. Anyway, Sinews crams the polyrhythms in with a plunger, stuffing each of their six or so songs with interesting drum and guitar parts. I thought the bass was excellent, a good, thick, distorted Ampeg sound, interesting playing, aggressive. Pretty tight, considering Aaron said that this was their fifth or sixth gig.

A few thoughts about the Proletariat, by the way: they must have upgraded either their PA or their soundguy, because the bands sounded a hundred times better than the last time I was there. All of the horrible overtones and ringing were gone, and the bands that I heard sounded really good. On the other hand, why was a DJ playing until 10:15 during a Monday night show with three bands? Don’t get me wrong, I love DJs, but jeez… We all gotta work tomorrow. I like the idea of a DJ playing while the bands are switching, and I love ’em at raves, but not at a rock show, and not while the first band is sitting on the stage looking bored while the last song (some miserable Top 40 rap song) cranks away.

That was about it for me, unfortunately. I made it three songs into The Plastic Constellations before the smoke and the vibe chased me out. I’m way more interested in the local bands, but I couldn’t make it another hour and a half before Fatal Flying Guilloteens came on. I’ll catch them next time, I promise. But seriously: let’s get the weekday shows going at a decent hour. I know I sound like an old crotchety geezer, and I would much rather stay up all night at a good rock show, but life sometimes requires some semblance of responsibility. END

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