Quiet Life, Quiet Life

Bands that are able to meld their influences into a new sound are the ones that strike me as the most influential. In this case, Quiet Life’s “No Worries” mixes Neil Young-style harmonica and guitar with an almost jam-like beat to create a modern-sounding song that stands out as the band’s best work to date. Vocals similar to Robert Smith’s, coupled with the EP’s low-key production (especially on “In Front Of Your Eyes” and “He Is My Brother”) make the songs sound more like a band practicing their songs than a proper release — but that’s what makes this 2004 EP special. The band’s talent is readily apparent and proves the band could have easily gone the polished, over-produced route, but instead opted for a more authentic feel, which completely works in their favor.

(self-released; Quiet Life -- quietlifeband@hotmail.com)

Review by . Review posted Saturday, October 1st, 2005. Filed under Reviews.

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