Alastor, Javelin Catcher

I’ve listened to this album three times now, and I can barely remember a damn thing about it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but for an album to get away with it, it should sound pretty great while it’s playing. The problem with Javelin Catcher

The Appleseed Cast, The End of the Ring Wars

I had this album for a long time before I was able to write anything about it. I listened to it several times and still have next-to-no recollection of the lyrics to any of the songs. And yes, I know that sounds bad, but strange as it sounds…

The Adjusters, Before The Revolution

This is not what I’d expected, I must admit, especially from trad-ska mainstay Moon Records. This isn’t “straight” ska, by any means — hell, a lot of it isn’t ska at all. Two-thirds of the songs are funky, James Brown-/Percy Sledge-ish soul jams…

American Football, Polyvinyl CD Single Series 001

Hmm…didn’t somebody else do this a while back? Ah, who cares — Polyvinyl, one of the oddest, most interesting labels around, recently started up their own CD singles club, featuring new stuff from folks like Braid, Calvin Krime, Paris, Texas, and Burning Airlines (and American Football, naturally). I think it’s a very cool idea, especially […]

H-Town Mixtape

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