Wade Rd. Skate Park

7923 Wade Rd.
Baytown, TX.
(281) 426-2971
“mmsk8” at “gte dot net”

General Info: Dunno much at all about this place, & I’ve never been there, but it’s lately become a pretty popular place for bands to play — they host these “Battle of the Bands” things every once in a while, and they sound pretty damn cool. (It is an actual skate park, by the way — under-18 kids gotta have their folks sign waivers if they want to skate…) Anyway, this is also one of the few big, non-club all-ages venues around; it and the Scout Lodge(???) seem to have kind of taken the place of places like the A.P.V. Room…

Venue writeup by . Venue writeup posted Friday, August 8th, 1997. Filed under Venues.

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