Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: When We Ruled H-Town Pt. 2 + Jaill (MP3s!) + The Coathangers + White Linen Night + Houston SunBurn + More

Day Two of the weekend, Saturday, August 4th, and there’s a ton going on, naturally. I’ve gotta keep it somewhat brief tonight, so let’s just get into it, eh?…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: When We Ruled H-Town + Sing Your Life + RACES (Rev’d!) + More

Oof. Heading into a freaking great weekend, and one that’s managed to creep up on me somewhat, I have to admit; I’ve been so wrapped up in other things this week (read: work + hanging w/family from London) that some of the biggest, most awesome things…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: When We Ruled H-Town + OFF! + Giant Battle Monster + Alex Dezen + More

It feels a little weird, honestly, but tonight (i.e., Friday, October 14th) is a little light, shows-wise, at least relatively speaking. Fridays lately seem to’ve been overflowing…

When We Ruled H-Town Showcase #2, Tomorrow

You might remember back in the spring, when word popped up about an in-the-works documentary on the scene here in Houston back in the early ’90s…

Yr, Weekend (In Brief): Featherface + Ladysmith Black Mambazo + Progressive Collective + Freezerfest 4 + “When We Ruled H-Town” + More

Don’t have a lot of time to go into the details, unfortunately, but there’s plenty of cool stuff to do this weekend, should you be out & about in the freezing cold winds/rain/possible snow. Yours truly will be, um, a little out of the area for the time being (quite possibly some place warmer), but hey…

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