Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Art Institute + Fitz Birthday + Sunrise and Ammunition + Bike to Party + Venomous Maximus + More

Yes, yes — it’s now the weekend, and there’s a lot going on. Things’ll get crazier as the weekend goes on, but even tonight, Friday, September 23rd, is pretty damn nuts. First off (and coming up pretty quick), those crazy art-punks in the aptly-named {Art Institute}

Yr. Weekend (& Beyond), Pt. 1: Black Congress + Weird Party + Diplo + Goodnight Summer + Jealous Creatures + Blaggards + More

Heading into the Labor Day weekend with Friday, September 2nd, and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty psyched, not just about the weekend and not just because it’ll be yours truly’s birthday this coming Saturday, September 3rd

Tonight, Real Quickly: Lance Higdon + Alkari + The Eastern Sea + Muhammad Ali + War Master + Weird Al + More

Argh. Been fighting account-suspension/Wordpress issues and dealing w/general family stuff the past couple of days, so I’m sad to report that I have totally dropped the ball on writing up this weekend’s shows. Crap, crap, crap…

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