Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: BestFest + Literary Greats + Wine Fest + Peloton + Moon Tower B-Day + Mix Master Mike + More

Holy shit, there is a lot going on tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 24th. I can barely wrap my head around all of it, seriously, so I’m going to have to just hit the highlights, y’all. The biggie, of course, is the Houston Press Best of Houston BestFest

Live: Nebula/The Entrance Band

You have to give Nebula credit. A long Sunday night and a typical Monday night in Houston didn’t slow the band down. While the crowd at Walter’s was “intimate” at best, the stoner trio tore through their 60-minute set as if they were hanging from the rafters. The played songs that spanned their 10-year catalog, highlighting several tracks from new release Heavy Psych

Live: Lucero/Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

We didn’t make it to the show in time to see much of Black Joe Lewis. First, it was hard for us to get out the door that night. While waiting for the babysitter, our daughter began to get sick (ah, the joys of parenting). After putting her to sleep, we were finally able to get on the road, only to be stuck outside the door waiting in the Will Call line…

I Was An Alien: Something Fierce Rules This Ruined City

I know the Punk Revolution of the late ’90s has come and gone, and punk as a musical genre is now all mainstream and accepted and moving upwards, but y’know what? It just hasn’t worked for me. The bulk of punk bands who’ve managed to hit on some kind of success leave me cold, and it’s not because I’ve outgrown the music or anything like that…

Live: MGMT/Yeasayer

To say that Walter’s on Washington is the best venue in Houston in which the possibility exists to interact with the performing artists would not only be an oversimplification; it would not be doing the place justice. Walter’s is important to Houston because artists are almost literally forced to coexist with their (sometimes overbearingly obsessed — good for you, Houston) fans…

Live: William Elliott Whitmore/Tim Barry/Josh Small

Another sultry, wet Houston Wednesday, this time in the newly smoke-free Walter’s on Washington, where I was pleasantly discombobulated by the clear view of the newly expanded stage. While I have always loved Walter’s odd scene, touchy relationship with the locals (on any evening the cops could storm the place), and the strong pours, it needed a space for five to play without the threat of poking out eyes with pointy metal guitars…

No Frat Boy Beer: A Few Pointed Questions for the Riverboat Gamblers

~ In which singer Mike Weibe of The Riverboat Gamblers describes their views on music, their love of Texas, and their preference of Lone Star over Shiner… ~

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