Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Melvins + Unsane + Sight, Sound, Space + HoC Benefit + Art Institute + Mango’s Band-Off + More

Dunno where you are, but outside our doors the weather is full-on crappy, alternating between torrential downpours and hail; nevertheless, there’s a ton of cool-sounding stuff to do tonight, Friday, April 20th. I’m stuck at the casa, unfortunately, fighting off a nasty case of strep…

Live: Unsane/400 Blows/Mouth of the Architect

I got to the show late, and only caught 400 Blows and Unsane. The crowd was strong and noisy, surprising considering all the bands were from out of town. 400 Blows is a cool 3-piece, a pint-sized drummer, charismatic lead singer, and guitarist running two Marshall half-stacks plus a bass amplifier, allowing the trio to sound much bigger than their number might suggest…

Tonight: Unsane Plays the Proletariat + An Interview with the Band

Yep, tonight’s (Saturday, June 16th, that is) a good one — crushing, pummeling, NYC noise-rock pioneers Unsane are playing up at The Proletariat, along with 400 Blows, Mouth of the Architect, and locals Dizzy Pilot. Reliable sources (meaning pretty much anybody who’s ever heard the damn band) say this show’s gonna be freakin’ insane. Seriously. […]

Unsane, Visqueen

Unsane are a very simple band: the NYC threesome have spent their entire career perfecting the heavily syncopated and quite catchy midtempo hardcore that they developed in the late ’80s alongside Helmet and Rapeman…

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