3622 Main Block Party #2, Tomorrow

This sounds pretty damn cool, I have to say… Over the past several years, the stretch of Main St. just on the border between Midtown & The Lands Beyond has become home to some of the neatest, most unique stores, eateries, & whatever else in this whole freaking city…

The Other Night: The Concert for KTRU

It was a strange night. On the one hand, it felt like a full-on party, a wild, wide-grinning celebration of all things KTRU, but on the other, it felt somewhat like a wake. The fight to stop the sale of {KTRU}‘s definitely not over…

Concert for KTRU, This Saturday!

While I’m on the subject of benefit-type shows, I can’t help but mention this one, near & dear to my heart as it is… This coming Saturday, August 28th, supporters of venerable, well-loved Houston radio station {KTRU} will be rocking the house…

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