Tonight: Two Door Cinema Club + Bad Veins + Milk Carton Kids + Cults + More

Yeah, I realize it’s a mere, lowly Tuesday, of all things (November 5th, to be precise), but damn, looking at the calendar for this evening, my jaw just drops. There is a nice-sized pile of excellent stuff happening this evening; here’s what you should be doing…

Lost in the Sun: Surviving Summerfest 2012, Day One (At Long Last…)

I went in without a plan. It was stupid, in retrospect, but that’s how it happened. After meticulously plotting out who I was going to see and when for the past three installments of Free Press Summerfest, this year…

FPSF 2012 Rundown, Pt. 3: Erykah Badu + Starfucker + Two Door Cinema Club + Eyes Burn Electric + Orgone + Sideshow Tramps + More

On to the next one, y’all. Here’s the third installment of our little writeups/rundowns/previews of Free Press Summerfest 2012, aka The Best Music Festival in H-Town, Period…

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