FPSF 2013 Rundown, Pt. 1: Half Moon Run + The Mavericks + TV On The Radio + Of Monsters and Men + Hello Chief + Vintage Trouble + More

Alright, so this feels a little weird. Us SCR folks had fully planned to do the little Free Press Summer Fest writeup thing we’ve done the past few years all along, but it’s always been kinda-sorta with the thought…

FPSF 2013 Lineup, Announced This AM

Boom. There it is, y’all — those crafty people over at {Free Press Houston} just released the lineup (so far, anyway) for this year’s Free Press Summer Fest. Take a look at the poster over there on the right…

(Brief) Update: Interviewing Owen + TV On The Radio at the HoB

I’d originally hoped to do a big-ass update of all the reviews & interviews & such we’ve been stockpiling the past several weeks, but alas, that hasn’t happened. Instead, I’ve been piecemealing things up on the site as necessary, like the Coldplay review David Cobb did or the Caddywhompus and Parts & Labor reviews yours […]

Live: TV On The Radio/The Dirtbombs

If it were a dog, the dog would live in a pink leather purse carried around by some actress or another being filmed by TMZ. If it were a color, the color would be in blinking neon on a sign outside a strip club that prides itself as classy. If it were a cereal, it would be warm Grape Nuts eaten by a man late for his tee-time at a country club in River Oaks…

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