Madness on Main Street 2015 Rundown, Pt. 3: FEA + The Beans + The Gold Sounds + Thrill + PuraPharm + Children of Pop + Mantra Love + Race to the Moon

Alright, friends and countrymen and everybody else, we’re back once again with another batch of writeups (possibly the last one before the actual thing starts) of all the awesome folks playing this year’s Madness on Main Street Music Festival tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd. There will be 30 or so excellent bands…

Check Out Lotus Effect’s New Video & New Song, Then See ‘Em Live Tonight

Okay, so I owe a big, big apology on this one, bigger than my usual apologies for my usual slacker-ness. Way, way, way back in December of last year, I ran into Dre Giles, vocalist for alt-prog-rock dudes {The Lotus Effect} (and a good friend both of SCR and myself), at the now-annual {the last place you look} Christmas show up at Warehouse Live

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: the last place you look + Venomous Maximus + Thre3style Massive + The Tontons + More

Wow. Tonight’s the first night of the weekend, Friday, December 21st, and it’s not only the first day of Christmas/holiday vacation for some of us (okay, fine; mine was yesterday) but also — if you listen to people who think science is all made-up nonsense but paranoid ideas about aliens and magnetic pole reversal…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: mr. Gnome + David Ramirez + Sing Your Life + Weird Weeds + Great White + More

Rolling on into the weekend… It’s Friday, November 16th, kicking off a couple of days packed full of cool, cool stuff to do, so I definitely didn’t want to drop the ball on tonight’s installment. Here we go…

Also Saturday: All Dread Set @ Cardoza Fine Art

And now, yet another thing to do this coming Saturday, January 14th — seriously, that one single night is breaking my freaking heart… This one’s a wee bit more on the art/experimental side than the rest, I’d say, so heads up, fans of all things strange and oddball…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Weenie Roast + Binarium Sound Series + Caroline Sessions + Loudness + More

The last day before Memorial Day is upon us — Sunday, May 29th — and still plenty going on, don’t worry. Comicpalooza‘s still running, for one thing (sorry, forgot to mention that one yesterday), but honestly, far cooler is the 4th Annual Weenie Roast

Houston Palestine Film Festival Starts Tonight

Dangit, how does it always do that to me? I’ve meant to check out the Houston Palestinian Film Festival literally for years now — this its fifth year of existence, I’m told — but every time, it sneaks up on me…

Found Footage Fest, Tomorrow at Fitz

Ever wonder what happens to old video tapes, now that VHS players are steadily creeping towards dodo-dom (although yeah, we still have one, mostly because Midget #2 likes watching the old Thomas the Tank Engine videos)? Well, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher know the answer…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Murs + The Octopus Project + Arthur Yoria + Two Star Symphony + More

Hey, all — gotta make it quick, as I’m headed off to some anniversary-celebrating with the wife this evening… Tonight (Friday, March 25th) is one hell of a busy night (er, and day, too), though, so there’s plenty, plenty to check out…

SXSW Overflow 2011: Day Six (Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Aficionado, Janka Nabay, The Demon Beat, & More)

Six days in, and god-knows-how-many to go… Next installment of the Super Happy Fun Land SXSW Overflow Fest tonight, and things are looking a bit busier than they have up to this point; see here for the evening’s full schedule…

Alkari, Alkari (DVD)

It is really, truly a different age for making music, folks. Not to get all grandpa-like, but back when I was in a band — which wasn’t that long ago, honestly, in the grand scheme of things — I only knew one band who’d ever put together a video…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Yppah + The Literary Greats + Paris Falls + The Soldier Thread + Beat Battle + More

Midway through the weekend, y’all, and it’s still going strong. Plenty happening tonight (Sat., February 26th), too — here’s what I think sounds cool, anyway…

Tonight: Mantis (Video!) + Sing Your Life + Nobunny + #RSAApproved + Saints & Tzadiks + More

Some good, good stuff going on tonight (Wed., February 16th), so I didn’t want to let it slip past without at least a mention… First & foremost, I’m psyched to see that the band Mantis has crept stealthily back out of the dark…

Video Fun (+ Some News) From The Julys

So, a while back I happened to mention a cool little band from here called {The Julys}; didn’t know a damn thing about ’em…

Unsilent Night: Go Jambox Caroling Tonight in the Montrose

Alright, folks — this sounds very neat, even if you just want to watch/listen…

Matt Brownlie (ex-{Bring Back The Guns} frontman) is inviting anybody & everybody who’s interested to come caroling with him & assorted other friends/etc. tonight

The Eastern Sea Goes Viral to Announce Its New Album

It’s fairly obvious (I think, anyway) that most of our Texas-based-music love is directed right here at home in H-town, but hey, it’s the new millennium, and the whole Austin-vs.-Houston thing was pretty stupid to begin with anyway…

Live From Sugarhill Recording Tomorrow: Jonx, Tax, & Me

I have to say, times like this make me feel pretty damn fortunate. See, when {The Jonx} played their final breakup show last month, I couldn’t go — I was frantically packing to leave town early the next morning and trying to get a dozen things done besides…

Benefit Time: Help Girls Rock Out, Tonight

Okay, so I fibbed a little; there is another especially cool, neat thing going on tonight, namely a benefit this evening for Girls Rock Camp Houston up at Boheme (307 Fairview from 5-10PM. The shindig’s being put on by the always-cool Spacetaker (with whom we sometimes flatteringly get confused) doing their “Cultured Cocktails” thing to […]

This Weekend & Next Tuesday: Tragic Greeks + Cool Music, For Free

Y’know, I wish intersections like this happened more frequently; there’ve been a few collisions of the art, theater, and music worlds in town lately (like the production of Speeding Motorcycle a while back that included glam-y rockers Roky Moon & Bolt as the band and local musician Matt Brownlie in the lead role), but I […]

Scene Reportage: A Mixed Bag of Stuff, Some Old(-ish), Some New

Sadly, while I get a fair amount of H-town music news-like stuff sent my way, lately I’ve been having a hard time keeping up. There was a time when I tried to post every damn bit of Houston-related news I could find up here, but these days, there’s just too much, and I’ve got too […]

Throw Me The Statue!: SCR’s Oscar Picks, 2009

JOSHUA STARNES: Joshua Starnes is Vice President of the Houston Film Critics Society. He is a contributor to Space City Rock. His Picks are below. 82nd Academy Awards Even if you’ve never heard of Punksawtaney Phil or you still get snowstorms after February, it’s still easy to tell when Spring is on the way, because […]

Tonight: Roky Moon & Bolt (Tour Kickoff!) + Grandfather Child + the last place you look + Streetcar Scandal + More

Yet another busy Friday night (March 5th, for completeness’ sake), and plenty to do. Here’s what I’d do, were I not likely to be rocking a sick kid to sleep this evening; there’s some good stuff, but honestly, two shows really stand out, so I’m going to pretty much just talk about them. Good? Good. […]

Tonight: Roky Erickson & Chase Hamblin @ The Continental Club

Yet another cool show in a week crammed ridiculously full of cool shows (have you seen what all’s going on this weekend? yeesh…), tonight — Wed., February 23rd — is a pretty damn special deal for local ’60s-pop re-envisioner Chase Hamblin, who got tapped to open for none other than Texas-bred psych legend and real-live […]

Tonight: Akron/Family (Reviewed!) + Warpaint + Buxton

Already talked about the other show this evening that I think sounds particularly cool, so I’m gonna hit the other one here — Midwest-by-way-of-NY psych trio Akron/Family are swinging through town tonight (Tues., February 23rd, obviously), hitting Walter’s with tourmates Warpaint and local heroes Buxton. And trust me when I say it’s gonna be freaking […]

BUFFET DVD Review -Release Party at Domy Books Sunday, February 21-

Buffet Volume 1 is a short film festival on a DVD. The packaging is a striking full color tri-fold with the title and concept centered “BUFFET all you can eat video” and excellent stills from the movies surrounding it. Inside, a letter from The Buffet Chefs explains their metaphor where artists bring their short videos […]

The Tontons, Videoified

Been a while since I’d heard a lot from The Tontons, one of my favorite bands (from these parts or any other), and I sadly have yet to check out their 2009-released full-length (I suck, I know), so I’ve been feeling particularly bereft. Thankfully, today along comes this sweet-ass video for “Leon”, filmed gorgeously by […]

Tonight: The Gold Sounds (Reviewed!) + The Eastern Sea (Reviewed!) + Paris Falls + listenlisten + More

Holy crap, it is some weekend coming up, folks — I hardly know where to start. Okay, that’s not true, not really, because where I pretty much have to start is with my top two shows of this evening (Friday, February 12th), both of which will be utterly badass. First off, though, some sad news […]

Go Caroling with Tramps, Tomorrow Night

Another cool-sounding event for the holidays — tomorrow night, Wednesday, December 23rd, that crazy gang known as the Sideshow Tramps and countrified songsters Robert Ellis and the Boys will be leading a crew of Christmas carolers around the Montrose ‘hood, singing and marching and partying as they go. They’ll start off at Taft Street Coffee […]

Ultimate Gingerbread House Madness, at Caroline Collective Tomorrow

Gotta hand it to those Caroline Collective folk — they always come up with quirky, unique, fun stuff to do. This time out, they’re staging what will (hopefully) be their First Annual Gingerbread Build-Off, just in time for the holiday insanity. You’ve probably already guessed the idea: teams of up to three (in categories for […]

The Other Weekend: Awesomely Lost, Spaced, & Cold As Hell

I knew it was going to be cold; I mean, the forecasts all said it’d be chilly. But from when co-organizer Marcus Gausepohl (also of Esotype Records & Golden Cities) told me a couple of months back about this “Lost In Space” festival thing he wanted to put together, with a bunch of spacerock/psych-rock bands […]

Matt Brownlie Is Daniel Johnston, Beginning Tonight

In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard about this before now, yep, the title there is pretty much true. Tonight (Wed., December 2nd) up at DiverseWorks, The Catastrophic Theatre — several members of which theater-going folk will probably recognize from the sadly-departed Infernal Bridegroom Productions — is staging a “preview” of its new play, […]

In Maps & Legends, Online at Zuda

Back in the day, when I had far more disposable cash than I have right at the moment, I was a big, big, big, totally-and-completely comic nerd. Not Comic Book Guy, thank God, but still, I would hit the comic store (and the music store, too, naturally) as soon as I got paid each week […]

The Dude Abides, Right Here

Short notice on this one, I know, but I couldn’t pass it up. It turns out that the Houston Lebowski Bash is occurring tonight, Fri., Nov. 13th, up in downtown, complete with costume contests, trivia contests, bowling, live music, lots of White Russians (naturally), and a screening of The Big Lebowski itself on the hill […]

Cinema Arts Fest Kicks Off, Tonight

Non-musical, really, but still damn cool — I’ve always wondered why the great-but-kinda-amateurish Houston International Film Festival was H-town’s one and only real film fest. I mean, I’ve loved going to the “old” IFF over the years and have gotten to see some very cool stuff I’d never have caught otherwise (as well as an […]

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry, Tonight at Rocbar

Here’s another film-/music-type thing I ran across recently that sounded pretty damn cool, going on tonight (Thurs., November 5th) up at Röcbar in downtown. Caveat first, for this one: this is apparently an RSVP-only deal, where you have to go to this Website to sign up, and I’ve got no idea how many spaces they’ve […]

Punks On Film: "Let Them Know" Tomorrow @ The Mink

Damn, I love stuff like this; tomorrow night (Wed., October 28th), Left Of The Dial mag and The Mink are presenting a showing of the indie documentary Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records, and it sounds damn cool. Directed by Jeff Alulis, the film’s basically about the BYO Records label […]

Astro Boy

Sunday, at Edwards Marquee’s screening of Astro Boy, geek dads brought their children to have their hair styled in the inexplicable dual spikes of the 60 year-old anime icon. Hairdressers were contracted by the studio reps to perform this hilarious task. Once inside, adults fell into two categories and children into one. Some adults were […]

H-Town Rock Posters at the Caroline

This is a cool one… Over the past several years, I’ve seen some truly amazing show posters floating around, most of ’em created by awesomely talented local H-town artists. Seriously, in all the time I’ve spent in this scene, I’ve never seen poster art as good as this, and that’s the truth. So it seems […]

Movies! The Store Celebrates Three Years of Life

Who doesn’t like a birthday, as long as it’s not yours, right? I swear, I am going to make it over to this place the next time I’m in the Montrose, because Movies! The Store is truly a cool, cool, idea, and I’m guessing (based on reports from other folks, of course) that it’s equally […]

A Low-ly "Heaven": Two Nights at DiverseWorks

How freaking cool is this? The next two nights (Fri., October 16th & Sat., October 17th), the good people over at DiverseWorks are hosting a music/dance performance piece called Heaven, created by Minneapolis- based choreographer Morgan Thorson, lighting designer Lenore Doxsee, set/costume designer Emmet Ramstad, and — wait for it — musicians/composers Alan Sparhawk & […]

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