Love From The Heart: A Pair of Poems by Christian Kidd

As previously mentioned, a few years ago SCR contacted Christian Kidd, frontman for The Hates and all-round Houston scene hero, about his recent memoir…

A Few Thoughts on Concrete Blonde, iPads, and Entertainment vs. Artistry

Earlier tonight, I was up at Warehouse Live, watching and listening to Johnette Napolitano, quasi-iconic singer/guitarist for Concrete Blonde. And yeah, she sounded great…

Badass-Looking Houston Rap Book Now Available for Pre-Order

Hell. Yeah. The attentive among you might recall back in the spring, when expat Houstonian writer/photographer team Lance Scott Walker and Peter Beste came through town to talk about their forthcoming one-two punch of books…

Just Telling Stories: Peter Beste & Lance Scott Walker Help Houston’s Hip-Hop History Speak

Once upon a time, Houston hip-hop was a secret. Beyond a couple of well-known names like the Geto Boys or UGK (who, hell, were actually from Port Arthur), nobody outside of the immediate Houston/Beaumont area had any…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Adam Bricks (rev’d!) + Bang Bangz + Black Flag Tattoo Party + Space City Beat Battle + Woodlands Waterway Arts Fest + More

Moving into Saturday, April 13th, now, and there’s still a crapload of excellent things going on. Quite a few are early in the day, for some reason, so I’m trying to get this in somewhat early, at least…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Mountain Goats + In Flames + Alvin Fielder + Square & Compass + Megafauna + More

Back around to another Friday (January 20th, this time) and yep, busy as ever. I’m personally pretty damn psyched about a couple of tonight’s shows, but first some update-y things…

Tonight: Tex Kerschen Reads From New Book Tidal Economics

More good news, albeit from a different front… {Indian Jewelry} (and ex- of the beloved band Japanic) frontman Tex Kerschen will be up at DiverseWorks tonight…

Screw Actually Watching the VMAs — I’ll Just Take the Recaps, Thanks…

I almost never watch any of that godawful pile of awards shows these days (especially not the MTV-hosted ones). The recaps {Houston Press}‘s Shea Serrano does for each one are a large part of the reason why…

Punk Rock Street Art: David Ensminger’s Visual Vitriol Launches Today

Argh. I meant to post about this earlier in the week, but other stuff kept getting in the way…sigh. Today (Sat., July 9th, that is) is a very cool happening, going on at a few different venues — it’s the official launch of the brand-new book by local punk hero…

Awesome News: Adam Newton Publishes If This Parking Lot Could Speak (in Book Form)

Damn — I’m starting to feel like an even bigger slacker than I normally do, folks. Over the past year or so, I’ve watched as my H-town music-critic brethren not only write brilliantly and humorously about things musical but also step out into the wider world…

Local(-ish) Press Stuff to Check Out

There’s been some good, good stuff popping up in the past few days on our local H-town music-media/etc. friend sites, and I wanted to take a sec to just point a wobbly finger at it and say, “Go! Read! Now!” (assuming you haven’t already, that is)…

Jef With One F Signs His (Awesomely Fun) Book, Tomorrow at Cactus

It’s a little weird to think about, honestly, but I’ve heard a lot of rambling/accusing about nepotism and favoritism lately: writers promoting their buddies’ bands, regardless of how good they are, etc., etc. And yeah, I’ve gotten dinged for it myself, rightfully or not…

24 Hrs of Hardcore, Online

Thanks to Craig Hlavaty of the {Houston Press} for this one… Steven Blush, the author of the book American Hardcore: A Tribal History has a new(?) section of his Website…

Houston’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Bayou City, by John Nova Lomax

John Nova Lomax‘s hero, the late, great Sig Byrd, wrote about Houston in a way that made the city feel downright intimate. Tiny, in fact. The city was smaller then, in the 1950s, but as he spent mornings downtown, afternoons in the then-nearer suburbs…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: sIngs + iFest + Dead Rabbits + Local H + Adelaine + Michale Graves + More

Yet another one of those weekends when we Houston-dwelling folks are spoilt for choice, seriously; there’s enough good stuff going on tonight & tomorrow that if you claim to be bored & unable to find anything good in Houston, music-wise, you’re a fucking idiot. Here goes: Sat., April 17: sIngs (CD release)/ Casiotone for the […]

"House of Hits" Book Signing at Sig’s (+ Party at The Continental)

This is a pretty neat one… In case you haven’t heard, longtime SugarHill Studios engineer Andy Bradley and veteran Houston music chronicler Roger Wood (whose book, Down in Houston, I’ve been wanting to read for a while now) collaborated on a new book about the history of SugarHill and its predecessor(?), Gold Star Studios. It’s […]

mr. Gnome, Interviewed & Playing Tonight (+ Other Folks, Too)

I’ve raved before in this here thing about Cleveland’s mr. Gnome and their idiosyncratic, hypnotically awesome amalgam of noisy rawk, metal sludge, ethereal vocals, and trip-hop groove, but dammit, I’m going to do it again right here, at least briefly. The band’s playing tonight (Thursday, April 8th) up at Rudyard’s, and trust me when I […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Eight (Candy Claws, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Finn Riggins, & More)

phew. Eight days into the SXSW Overflow Fest at Super Happy Fun Land, and there’s still plenty of bands to catch. I’ve been attempting to digest at least a little bit of each & spit out what I think (see here, here, here, & here), and frankly, I’ve been stunned at how flat-out good 90% […]

SXSW Overflow: Day Five (Guystorm, Shellshag, Light Pollution, & More)

Sorry I haven’t been able to more fully run down the piles and piles of SXSW-bound bands overflowing into Super Happy Fun Land as part of their SXSW Overflow Fest this weekend — spent some much-needed time with the fam this weekend, instead, hiking around the Arboretum and then getting buried up to my head […]

Scene Reportage: A Mixed Bag of Stuff, Some Old(-ish), Some New

Sadly, while I get a fair amount of H-town music news-like stuff sent my way, lately I’ve been having a hard time keeping up. There was a time when I tried to post every damn bit of Houston-related news I could find up here, but these days, there’s just too much, and I’ve got too […]

In Maps & Legends, Online at Zuda

Back in the day, when I had far more disposable cash than I have right at the moment, I was a big, big, big, totally-and-completely comic nerd. Not Comic Book Guy, thank God, but still, I would hit the comic store (and the music store, too, naturally) as soon as I got paid each week […]

Swan Song: About that Impending Jonbenet Breakup

Some of you might remember that I bitched & moaned a while back about the fact that local noise-rock dudes The Jonbenét are breaking up after their final show at the hopefully-moved Walter’s on December 19th. Anyway, after hearing the news from guitarist Dann Miller, I hit him up with a few questions about the […]

From Elsewhere: Washington Ave. Passes On + NAP Interviews Annie Lin + Kelly Clarkson on Kanye

Seen some awesomely cool written things elsewhere lately, so I feel compelled to mention ’em here, for the edification of all and because, as said, they’re awesomely cool. Houston Press: “Ghosts of Washington Avenue” Man, this one makes me want to get all weepy. The Press‘s Chris Gray had a nice tribute piece to the […]

Zine Night 2: Electric Boogaloo, Tomorrow Night

Sweet — it makes me damn happy that the Zine Fest Houston folks are still doing their thing, and it’s nice to see ’em re-running the Zine Night thing they did a while back, over at CopyDotCom on Westheimer. Tomorrow night, Wed., September 2nd, the ZFHers are throwing their second installment, with the doors thrown […]

Big Changes Afoot: Walter’s to Move Off of Washington

Holy freaking crap. Y’know, I really hate it when one’a them pesky Internet rumors pops up on the screen and makes my stomach feel like it’s dropped into my feet, and I had that exact thing happen this AM when I read that now-venerable H-town venue Walter’s on Washington is moving (or maybe closing). My […]

High Style in H-town, Tonight at the Downtown Library

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but hell, I happen to think it’s very cool, so I think it’s worth re-mentioning. Local musician and all-round cool guy Jason Smith, who plays bass/keys in sweet, flat-out rock band Alkari, also happens to be an architecture nerd, focusing on a particular local H-town architect named William R. […]

Giveaway Madness: Free Press Summerfest, This Weekend

Unless you’ve been dead for the past few months (or, okay, you don’t happen to live here in Houston), odds are you’ve heard about the sure-to-be-epic Free Press Summerfest spanning Saturday and Sunday of this next weekend (the 8th & 9th, non-calendar-having punks) at Eleanor Tinsley Park. And trust me, “epic” is the word — […]

listenlisten Hits Rolling Stone

Halle-freakin-lujah, y’all. This is awesome news — Shane from listenlisten just emailed to break the news that his band just got a sweet, richly deserved writeup in Rolling Stone‘s Hype Monitor section. Congrats, you guys!

The Skyline Rides Again, Albeit On A Very Different Horse

Um. What the…? Okay, so I happened to be looking through my Google Reader pile today, and I’m scrolling along through all the posts on various things related to H-town, music, or both, and — whoa, hold on, is that The freaking Skyline Network, posting again? And yes, yes, it is. Apparently ADR has decided […]

Zine Nite @ Copy Dot Com

Yes, the world of zines (and most other types of printed/self-published art & writing, whatever you want to call it) is a thing near & dear to my heart. And I know firsthand how much of a ridiculous pain in the a–er, labor of love it can be to get a zine from brain to […]

Thoughts From Atop A Small Mountain: Golden Cities On the Loose

SCR blogger Lance Higdon is currently out and about in this grand country of ours, criss-crossing the land in a borrowed minivan to bring the space-y, atmospheric noise-rock expanses of his band Golden Cities to folks outside of the Houston metro area for the first time (I think?). They’re in Richmond, VA, as I type […]

Quasi-Secret Sorta-Trout Fishing In America Show Tonight (+ A New Book/CD)

Okay, so that’s stretching it a bit — the show tonight at the Mucky Duck isn’t technically a Trout Fishing In America show. What is is, though, involves the TFIA guys and happens to be pretty cool. See, TFIA are originally from right here in H-town; bassist Keith Grimwood went to school at U of […]

Ditchwater Zine/Record Party, Tonight

Tonight, tonight, tonight…punker-than-you H-town label/print conglomerate Ditchwater Records is staging its second-ever (I think?) record release show extravaganza tonight, Friday, May 29th, up at Rudyard’s. It’s a joint 7″ release thing, celebrating new releases from both sneering, knife-wielding glam-rockers The Wrong Ones (not to be confused with the Glaswegians of the same name) and crazed […]

Houston Press Awards Nominees Announced (+Showcase, 7/26!)

Sweet…looks like the Houston Press‘s Chris Gray (on whom I flaked ridiculously a while back and am sincerely apologetic, btw, should he ever read this; sorry, man…) has put up the list of nominated folks for this year’s much-anticipated Houston Press Music Awards. And when I say “much-anticipated,” I swear I’m serious; more awesomely good […]

FOUND (Magazine) in H-Town

A bit early, but after missing Steve Earle at Cactus this past weekend, I do not want to drop the ball on this one, especially since the wife & I had to miss ’em the last time they came through town, back in 2007… So, here we go with the good news: weekend-after-next, Friday, May […]

Zine Fest Houston, This Saturday: Celebrate H-Town’s Underground Media, Y’all

Yeah, yeah, I know — as if there wasn’t already a ridiculously huge pile of stuff to do this weekend? Don’t sideline this one, though, because it promises to be damn cool. This year’s edition of Zine Fest Houston will be happening this coming Saturday, May 16th, over at the ever-fun Caroline Collective, and will […]

The House of Blues Fakes the Funk

In case you hadn’t noticed, venerable funk superstars Parliament swung through town back on April 30th, playing to what was reportedly a good-sized crowd over at the House of Blues. A friend of SCR (who shall remain anonymous to save ’em from any reprisals & whatnot) went and said the show itself was great, but […]

Pico Iyer in Town, Tonight

Absolutely non-music-related, but still, this is amazingly cool. At one not-too-distant point in my life, I went on a seriously heavy travelogue-reading jag, devouring books by smart, quirky people going places nobody in their right mind (or, at least, nobody I actually know) ever goes to. Not all of it was great, I’ll freely admit […]

New Words to Read: 29-95 + Houston Music Examiner + Show List H/Town + More

Some weeks, it seems like every time I turn on the computer there’s a new Website/ezine/whatnot focused at least partly on the H-town music scene. And hey, that’s pretty awesome — the more exposure this stuff can get, the better it’ll be for all parties: the bands, the fans, the labels, everybody. As I think […]

Cool Film: Houston Palestinian Film Festival + Domy/Film Threat Screenings

For those who like things cinematic (and good, obviously), there’s some really, truly cool stuff coming up. Today (Thursday, April 16th, that is) marks the start of the third-annual Houston Palestinian Film Festival, a showcase of movies by Palestinian filmmakers, and it looks pretty great. Here’s the overall mission statement, if you’re curious: The second […]

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