WE LIKE THINGS 2012: Telling you all about the awesome things you (maybe) missed last year.

Yes, another year gone by, and another (ridiculously-late) set of top ten lists from us folks here at SCR of all of the good/amazing/awesome things we ran across in 2012. Your intrepid writerly-type people have gone through literally thousands…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Iron Maiden + The Small Sounds + Coheed and Cambria + The 71’s + Black Coffee + Illegal Wiretaps + More

phew. So far, this weekend’s not turning out quite like I’d thought it would — spent a stressful morning making an offer on a new place to live, for one thing, which I hadn’t figured we’d be doing just yet…

FPSF 2012 Rundown, Pt. 4: Fitz and The Tantrums + Harts of Oak + Sundress + Jody Seabody + Primus + Small Sounds + More

And here we are, y’all, back yet again with the final pile of previews/whatever-you-wanna-call-’ems for the right-around-the-corner Free Press Summerfest this coming Saturday & Sunday — which, by the by, is where yours truly will be tomorrow & the next day…

Summerfest 2012 Lineup Now Online

Yep, folks, that much-anticipated moment is finally upon us: the folks behind the Free Press Summerfest have released the official lineup for this year’s festival, which’ll be taking place this coming June 2nd & 3rd

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Dead Horse Reunion + FPH Oktoberfest + BMC Block Party + SkateStock + Featherface + More

Wow. It’s another insanely-packed Saturday (October 22nd, specifically), with so much going on there’s no way I’ll be able to talk about all of it. Man….

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Two Star Symphony + Co-Pilot + The Small Sounds + Square and Compass + White Linen + More

Holy crap, is there a lot going on tomorrow, Saturday, August 6th; there’s so much good stuff happening that I can’t entirely keep track of it, honestly… I’m gonna have to blaze through it somewhat, but that’s kinda-sorta okay…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Small Sounds + Grady + Record Store Day + Born Liars + Darwin’s Finches + Mix Master Mike + More

Coming up on Saturday, April 16th, and I’m attempting to get at least a little bit of a jump on things, for once. And hell, if anything, there’s more cool stuff going on tomorrow than there was today. At the top of my list is the long-awaited return of {The Small Sounds}

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Main Street Block Party + NOFX + Latch Key Kids + One Mic Houston + Tattooed For Good + Metal Summit 4 + More

Aaaaand here’s the biggie of the weekend — Saturday, January 22nd, is looking like an awesomely busy, option-filled day, I have to say. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it out to any of this stuff, but hey, you definitely shouldn’t follow my example…

Yr. (Pre-)Weekend: The Small Sounds + The Orbans (Reviewed!) + The Literary Greats + Soul Asylum + More

Heading into one heck of a New Year’s weekend, I have to say — neither Friday nor Saturday are slouches, if you check the schedule — but tonight, Thursday, December 30th, is looking pretty great all on its own…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Bright Men of Learning (LP release!) + KTRU Benefit + The Small Sounds + More

Day Two of your weekend, Sat., September 18th, and it’s pretty damn busy, going by what’s on the list. Here’s what I think looks/sounds good, at least (and yeah, I’m having to keep it a bit short; sorry ’bout that)…

Summerfest Rundown, Pt. 1: Hell City Kings + Givers + Rusted Shut + Saviours + The Small Sounds + Cro-Mags + More

Okay, so if you pay any attention at all to music-related happenings in this city — unlike, apparently, the folks who run those Washington Ave. bars that are right across the street from one of the best bastions of live music in H-town, and the guy who writes about ’em with a straight face (see Jeff Balke‘s excellent rejoinder here) — you’ll know that this coming Saturday & Sunday, June 5th & 6th, is the much-anticipated second installment…

Thursday Coolness: Buxton + The Small Sounds at Discovery Green

Feels pretty good to be able to post once again about cool things that’re coming up — apologies, everybody, for the long, long silence while we made the transition… At any rate, this week’s looking good, particularly this Thursday, May 27th, when two of my absolute-favorite bands in town are playing one of my current favorite places in town…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Beach House (Reviewed!/Sold Out!) + Small Sounds + Pant Factory (Reviewed!) + Rosie Flores Cancels + More

Damn, damn, damn. Well, I did have this grand plan of getting a bit of an early jump on the week’s/weekend’s shows, but sadly, other stuff intervened. And now, sadly, I am reduced to the grinding-it-out, day-by-day mess I typically end up doing. I need a time machine. Anybody got one I could borrow? Anyway…there’s […]

Update: Paris Falls/The Small Sounds (Tonight!) + Double Dagger (6/23) + Heartless Bastards (6/24) + Eleni Mandell + More

A bit over the line, I know — got some new stuff up this AM, just in time for tonight… As I raved about earlier on, both Paris Falls and The Small Sounds are playing here in town tonight, and so we’ve got reviews up of both the brand-new Paris Falls disc, Volume III (which […]

The Small Sounds, The Small Sounds

Honestly, the greatest thing about the Small Sounds’ self-titled debut has nothing to do with the guitars, the melodies, or even the words. It’s just that the album possesses this amazing, gentle warmth — listening to those jangly guitars swing and sway…

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