Well & Goode, Well & Goode

So, the two-song 7″ Well & Goode is supposedly the product of a mysterious, possibly psychotic duo of adopted Irishmen, Upton O. Goode and Midas Wells, who stalked power-pop hero Brendan Benson over the course of his last overseas tour…

Giveaway Time: Brendan Benson (& The Posies) at Groundhall, This Saturday

Just in time for all the Thanksgiving madness, folks, we’ve got another very cool giveaway deal over here at SCR: we’ve got two tickets to go see Brendan Benson (and headliners The Posies and openers Aqueduct, too, obviously) this coming Saturday, November 27th

The Raconteurs, Consolers of the Lonely

The cover of Consolers of the Lonely, the much-anticipated followup LP from the Raconteurs, is some black-and-white job with the group posed as some turn of the 20th century group of minstrels…

Live: The Raconteurs

Bands spawned from other groups always seem to have a rougher time of it than their original bands, and usually with good reason. Was the duo of Page and Plant better than Led Zeppelin? Was Slash’s Snakepit better than Guns’N’Roses? Far from it, so being skeptical of a group like The Raconteurs is not an unplausible concept…

H-Town Mixtape

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