Tonight: The Phlegmatics & Alkari Up at Rudz

I just got the review of the band’s newest album, Life is Better with a Soundtrack, up on the site, I know, but dangit, tonight’s CD release show for here-then-gone power-pop-punk heroes {The Phlegmatics} is well worth a second mention…

The Phlegmatics, Life is Better with a Soundtrack

There are bands that frustrate me because they don’t quite hit the mark, and then there are bands that frustrate me because they do hit the mark but never actually capitalize on it. The Phlegmatics are that second kind of band…

The Phlegmatics, Billy the Star Fighter Pilot vs. The Phlegmatics

By all rights, this shouldn’t work. It really, seriously should not work — how could you expect it to, after all? Songs of awkward, nebbishy, teenage nerddom with titles like “My Mom Thinks I’m Cool” or “Unibrow,” played by a crew of guys who’re closer to my own age than they are to high school…

The Phlegmatics

Man, there are too damn few bands in town like this; most rock bands that try to be funny seem to do so at the expense of the actual music, instead throwing lame jokes at half-assed punk tunes or faux-hardcore posturing. Which is a damn shame, because The Phlegmatics manage to fit in both sarcastic, self-deprecating humor…

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