WE LIKE THINGS 2011: A ridiculously-late look at what was cool last year.

I feel like Rip Van Winkle. I’m not sure how the hell it happened, but one minute I’m sitting here watching the munchkins open presents at Christmas, and I blink, and what the fuck? It’s April? Wow. It’s like the start of 2012’s just zipped past…

From The Heart: Chris Gray Day, This Saturday

Yep, you’ve probably already heard about this by now, but just to add to the chorus… As well as being the awesome {Latch Key Kids} show I’ve already blathered about, Saturday, January 14th is also Chris Gray Day, with festivities centered around the Midtown nexus…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2/3: Roky Moon & BOLT! + 30footFALL + The Handsomes + More

Okay, yeah, so this is late, late, late; apologies for that, but y’know, the family thing & all that… Even worse, I flat-out skipped yesterday — what can I say? It was Christmas Eve, and as far as I was/am aware, there was only one single measly thing…

Houston Press Music Awards: Voting Starts Today

Yep, as of yesterday evening, those tireless folks over at the {Houston Press} have officially tallied up all the nomination ballots (more than 9000 votes!) and released the official-schmofficial ballot

The Wild Moccasins Tour Kickoff, Tomorrow

I’ll be posting about all of Saturday (October 8th)’s shows very soon, hopefully, but I wanted to give an extra-special shoutout to the one tomorrow night up at Fitzgerald’s

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: IDentity + DiverseWorks + Folk Family Revival + The Julys + Prairie Cadets + More

What is with the weekends, lately? Once again, we’re coming up on a Saturday (August 27th) where there’s literally so much going on I can’t even wrap my brain around it. Wow…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Mathletes Album Release (Rev’d!) + Rock the Bells + Bummerfest + Fringe Fest + More

There’s plenty going on this weekend, but I’m afraid yours truly will be a bit occupied and is going to miss it, so I’m going to try to hit ’em all briefly, at least. It kills me, actually, because on Saturday (August 13th, that is), in particular…

The Mathletes, Excalibur

I’m not sure what happened, but I’m pretty sure something did, somewhere along the way. The last time The Mathletes — which is generally, for all intents and purposes, singer/songwriter Joe Mathlete…

Summerfest 2011 Rundown, Pt. 3: Chromeo + Something Fierce + Young Girls + Fucked Up + Perseph One + Little Lo + More

Dammit, dammit, dammit. I tried to post this batch of Free Press Summerfest writeups late last night, but my brain was feeling like Jell-O, and it just didn’t happen…

Yr. (Very Late) Weekend, Pt. 3: Joe Mathlete + SXSW Overflow Fest + Tyagaraja + Hadag Nahash + Blackguard + More

Late, late, late, again, and I know some of the show-type things have slipped past; sorry about that, y’all… I really, truly meant to mention {Chris Becker}‘s Music for Silent Films deal at FrenetiCore

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Daniel Johnston’s B-day + Sara Van Buskirk + Venomous Maximus + S.P.E.A.K. II + More

Weekend coming down, and there’s plenty to do & hear, despite the freezing-ass cold. (Seriously, y’all, we’re Texans. We’re adapted to survive the blistering, soul-melting heat of the Houston summer, not bitterly cold winds…)

Also Tonight: Reprogram/Trills the Season Bash + The Dead Revolt + Rivers

If neither {The Manichean}‘s remix EP release show nor the Unsilent Night jambox-caroling thing sound good to you this evening…

HomeSkool Rekordz

A very cool new-ish local label, run (I think) by the Digital Warehaus guys, and one that’s got pretty wide-ranging (and excellent) tastes in music…

Yr. Weekend: Venomous Maximus + Nitzer Ebb + Roky Moon & BOLT (reviewed!) + The Posies + Featherface + More

Hey, all — one insane weekend coming up (yeesh…don’t y’all band people go visit your families & whatnot for Thanksgiving?), but unfortunately, I’m kinda short on time to talk about it all, so I’m going to have to run through the next three days (Fri.-Sun., November 26th-28th) real quickly…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Hold Steady + Polvo (MP3!) + Muhammad Ali + Loretta Lynn + Mathletes + Salt N Pepa + More

Um. Wow. That’s really the only thing that comes to mind when I just sit here & stare at the list of all the ridiculously cool shows going on tonight (Sat., November 6th, that is). It’s like somebody up there decided to torment me personally (real likely, I know)…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Linus Pauling Quartet (Reviewed!) + Indiehouston Anniversary + Helstar (Reviewed!) + Murdocks + More

Another busy night in H-town tonight (Sat., October 23rd, specifically), but unfortunately, I’m not there — off visiting the fam, so apologies for this being a bit late-notice. There’s some really good stuff that’s literally about to start, so get on out of the house…

Update: GNR vs. Metallica + Woozyhelmet + Supersuckers + Murry Hammond + Mathletes + More

No burning must-see bands/CDs burning a virtual hole in my/our virtual pocket right at this second, but we’ve got good new shit up on the site, nonetheless, courtesy of our hardworking crew of writers & volunteers, some of whom were apparently working harder than, um, I was over the holidays. (Dang…) Anyway, it’s a good-looking […]

The Mathletes

I love pop. Honest, I really, truly do — I do the dark-and-dour thing, too, but few things make me happy like a well-crafted, intelligent, quirky pop song. Which explains, frankly, why I dig The Mathletes so damn much. In spite of all protestations to the contrary…

Update: The Mathletes (7/24) + Ex-Voto + Mostly Bears (7/27) + Manchester Orchestra + The Tontons (7/27) + Mudhoney + More

The best-laid plans, damn…every time I put off posting about this stuff, it bites me on the ay-uss. We got some new stuff up last week — brand-new show reviews! — and earlier this week — brand-new reviews! — but I procrastinated, figuring I’d post about it sometime this afternoon. I had a quickie medical […]

The Mathletes, #$@% You and Your Cool

Joe Mathlete, I underestimated you. Yeah, I did, and it’s damned embarrassing. How? Because I figured, stupidly, that any band that kinda-sorta made its name playing (admittedly entertaining) covers of people like My Bloody Valentine…

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