SXSW Overflow 2014: Day Six (The Littlest Viking, Sit Kitty Sit, & Drop Tank)

Yes, yes, yes. Here we are now at Day Six of the still-rolling-onwards SXSW Overflow Fest going on through next week (yes, a week later than SXSW itself) over at Ye Olde Land of the Super Happy Fun. Like last night, tonight’s a little sparse, surprisingly, in part because would-be headliners Jumpship Astronaut are no longer on the bill…

The Littlest Viking, The Littlest Viking

Fans of ’90s indie-prog, rejoice, for The Littlest Viking has come to save your collective soul. With their new self-titled album, the duo of Ruben Cortez and Christopher Gregory (with occasional additional vocal help from an unnamed…)

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