Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Project Grimm + Brand New Hearts + The Gary + Ruiners + Sarah Jaffe + More

sigh. Friday, February 1st, and I am sorely, sorely behind on the never-timely-to-begin-with weekend rundown, I’m afraid. Apologies for that, folks; been dancing with midgets all evening and am only now able to get back online. But hey, you’ve still got plenty of time to get on off the couch — here we go…

Tonight: Mission of Burma (and The Gary & Black Congress) at Fitz

Holy hell-yes, people. I honestly nearly did a spit-take when I first saw on the {Pegstar} calendar that mindblowing, massively-influential, Boston-dwelling post-punk band Mission of Burma were coming…

The Gary, Logan

Right from the start of Logan (and the band’s previous EP, Chub, too), I caught myself betting the collective record collections of The Gary’s Dave Norwood, Paul Warner, and Trey Pool look a heck of a lot like, well, mine. And as the album unfolds, I found myself nodding and grinning…

Yr. Weekend: Lost In Space + The Gary + Western Civ + Deer Tick (MP3!) + Fiesta Movement + Mayday Mayhem + Alkari + More

Before I sign off for a bit, though, I wanted to hit some weekend highlights — and yeah, there’re quite a few, so I’m afraid I’m going to just have to list ’em off, for the most part…

Update: The Gary/Jonx (Tonight!) + Many Birthdays (Tonight II!) + Ab Baars Trio (4/11!) + More

Got another pile of reviews up too-late last night, just in time for this sure-to-be-insane weekend. I’ll be hanging with the fam this weekend, myself, but if you’ll be out & about, well, you’re in luck. First, we’ve got two reviews for two different badass-sounding shows tonight, The Gary & Many Birthdays… The guys in […]

The Gary, Chub

On Chub, Austin band The Gary (none of the members of which, it should be said, are actually named, y’know, Gary) manage to take hold of three of my favorite elements of late-’90s indie-rock, the flat-sounding vocals and understated but still powerful guitars…

H-Town Mixtape

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