The Church of Philadelphia, We’re Gonna Dance Tonight

I found it really difficult to write this review, a whole lot harder than I’d ever expected I would. Now, in case you’re one of those people who only reads the first paragraph of a review and makes their mind up then and there, let me clarify that I don’t mean this review was hard to write because I don’t like The Church of Philadelphia’s long-awaited second album, We’re Gonna Dance Tonight. On the contrary, I absolutely love it…

Awesome News: The Church of Philadelphia Finally Returns, and With a New Album on the Way

Well, wow. After dealing with a house full of sick people the past few days, this was seriously some welcome good news. See, way, way back in 2007, yours truly was frankly pretty disillusioned with music in general. All the bands I loved from around here were dying off or moving away, it seemed like, and I was having a harder and harder time liking any of it, y’know?…

My Night in Exile: The Church of Philadelphia, The Jealous Girlfriends, ¬°alarma!, & Kvalla

Well, I pretty much lucked out, I think, this past Thursday. The wife was having a moms’ group thing (something involving chocolate & a lot of women) at our house, so the munchkin went to Grandma’s for the night & I was banished temporarily from the premises. And lo and behold, in spite of it […]

The Church of Philadelphia

Yes, it may be somewhat hard to believe, but there’s finally a gospel (well, sorta) band in town that appeals even to a heathen like yours truly. And really, it makes sense if you look at these folks’ combined pedigrees — they’ve apparently got a ton of experience under their belts individually…

The Church of Philadelphia, The Church of Philadelphia

I’m the most secular person you’re likely to meet, these days, especially down here in the almost-South. My parents distrusted organized religion, so the only times I went to church growing up were for funerals or weddings. And in my adult life, it’s never been something I’ve really felt…

H-Town Mixtape

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