Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: New York City Queens + A Sea Es + Brand New Hearts + P-Funk + Summer Street Fest + Craig Kinsey + More

Busy, busy day coming up, on into Saturday, May 3rd — there’s a ton going on, so much that I’m not going to have time to really talk about even most of it. But hell, let’s hit the highlights; here’s what I’m thinking looks & sounds cool…

Join Craig Kinsey’s Gypsy Camp, Tomorrow at The Artery

There’ve been some truly neat-sounding shows lately, that’s for damn sure, and tomorrow (Saturday, November 17th) promises to be another one, this time over at The Artery (5401 Jackson), northeast of Downtown…

The Artery

5401 Jackson Street Houston, TX. 77004 (713) 228-2052 “mark” at “arteryhouston dot org”

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