Tonight: The 1975 at Bayou Music Center

Okay, so I know there’re actually several very, very cool shows happening tonight, but the absolute top of my list is happening at Bayou Music Center tonight, where ridiculously great Manchester band The 1975 will be rolling through town. Others may disagree, but for my money, the band’s self-titled debut was one of the best damn things I heard all of last year…

FPSF 2014 Schedule and App Now Live (Plus, Some Cancellations…)

Yes, yes, yes, yes. The kind folks who run the Free Press Summer Festival popped up today, less than a month before this year’s festival kicks off (Saturday, May 31st, & Sunday, June 1st), to release two very, very awesome things: the official schedule for the festival and the mobile app for the festival…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Purple Rain Party + American Fangs + For The Community V + Night Beds (MP3!) + The 1975 + Circa Paleo + More

Yep, it’s the weekend yet again, and I feel in some ways like I’m still staggering back to my feet after last weekend, with all that FPSF madness… But it’s not last weekend, it’s Fri., June 7th, and we must soldier on…

H-Town Mixtape

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