Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Holy Fiction (Reviewed!) + Sara Van Buskirk + Squishees + Rivers + Eric Dick + More

Got to make this somewhat quick, but I didn’t want to miss out on mentioning at least a few of the awesome shows going on this evening (Friday, July 29th, to be specific)… Top of the pile for me, at least, is the show over at Warehouse Live

Team Science Records

Damn, I love these guys. One of the more accomplished labels in town, the Team Science crew (who seem to’ve dropped the exclamation point that used to follow the “Science” part) have been cranking out excellent, excellent stuff, by locals and folks from elsewhere, for several years now…

Action Town Records

Sadly, my introduction to Action Town was with the last blaze-of-glory release by one of my favorite H-town bands ever, {Teenage Kicks}; their Uptight was/is a pretty great way to go out…

Teenage Kicks, Uptight

In a way, I should’ve seen it coming. I mean, looking backwards now, with the dubious benefit of hindsight, it’s like the Teenage Kicks guys wrote it all out in the songs, telegraphing their own demise. And with Uptight, they’ve assembled it all together in one place…

Giant Steps

I’ve been seriously missing a good personal zine, I have to say — there’ve been only a few I’ve ever run across that were really, really cool, and this one’s climbing its way into that list. It helps that the guy behind the zine is Kirke Campbell

Go for the (Silver) Jews, Stay for the Queers (and Independents/Something Fierce/Teenage Kicks/etc.)

Mentioned this one previously, but intrepid writer/energy troubleshooter Nick H. threw over a cool-ass review of The Silver Jews’ latest album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, so I thought it’d be good to point it out…especially since the band’s actually playing tonight here in town, doing their quasi-indescribable kinda-country, kinda-indie thing over at Walter’s. They were […]

Teenage Kicks

These three guys (guitarist/singer Kirke Campbell, bassist Stewart Anderson, & drummer John Baldwin) are one of the best damn bands in town right now, no lie. I’m not quite sure how they do it, but they’re like the freakin’ embodiment of power-pop. They take everything I love about all those bands…

Update: A Wilhelm Scream (Tonight!) + Girl in a Coma + Teenage Kicks + Kelley Stoltz (all soon!) + More

Yep, we are officially all-all-all about the just-in-time updating, today. Like I just slapped a review of the latest A Wilhelm Scream disc, Career Suicide, up on the site, in the hopes that it will get some of you crazy, wonderful people out there to go, go, go see this band when they play this […]

Teenage Kicks, Teenage Kicks

My foot starts frantically tapping from the first crashing guitar of “I Heart Lora Logic,” and it doesn’t stop ’til the very end of final track “Bound for Glory,” after which I have to shake my head, smile, and laugh at the ridiculously simple, plainspoken awesomeness of what these three Houston kids are doing…

Friday Night (Pop-)Punk: The Femurs, Teenage Kicks, Something Fierce, & A Little Broadway Calls

Damn, I’m beat. Not because I spent today trudging around Austin in the hot, hot sun, mind you, but because I spent today kiddie birthday party-hopping, hitting two exhausting, extremely loud gatherings of munchkins in one long, long afternoon. I managed to overdose pretty severely on frosting, greasy pizza, bouncy castles, and Hannah Montana, all […]

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