Tonight: Glass the Sky & Guess Genes at The Nightingale Room

Short notice, I know — I’d blame it on being sick for the past 48 hours, but let’s be honest, I’d probably be late even if I was well…sigh — but there’s a truly great show happening tonight (Thurs., October 8th) up at new-ish venue The Nightingale Room

Yr. Early Weekend: Buxton + Wild Moccasins + JEFF the Brotherhood + Break Science + The Museum of Carnal Possibilities + More

Yep, I do know what day it is, don’t worry (it’s Thursday, October 2nd, derr). It’s just that since I completely blew last weekend’s writeups, I figured I’d attempt to get a jump on this weekend’s. Hence, a quick glimpse of what’s happening tonight. Here we go…

H-Town Mixtape

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