Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Eastern Sea (Rev’d!) + Young Mammals + Belle Manoir + Fat Tony + Close Your Eyes + More

Holy wow, y’all. It’s Friday, July 6th, which means the weekend’s started, and damn, it’s a busy, busy, busy one, in the best possible way. Before we dive into it, though, I just want to give a heartfelt thumbs-up to {The Tontons}

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Indian Jewelry + Roky Moon & BOLT Do-Over + Girls Rock Camp + Temporary Insanity II + Jesse Dayton + More

Day 2 of a busy-as-hell weekend… Today (Saturday, December 18th) is a pretty massive one, particularly on the local front — and believe me when I say that that’s nothing to sneeze at. Anybody who thinks nothing worth listening to…

Bluefinger: Starting Tonight!

Ah, crap — I knew I was forgetting something in my intro to the weekend rundown… In case you haven’t been paying attention, writer Creg Lovett has been working his ass off to cover this weekend’s debut…

Sprawl, America Is Dying of Wetnurse

In a weird way, I wouldn’t be here without Sprawl. No, I’m not going to spin some sappy-yet-strange story about being conceived while my parents listened to The Man With The Yellow Hat — I’m nowhere near that young, and sadly, my parents are nowhere near that cool…

Live: Sprawl/de Schmog/Blunt/Toho Ehio/U.Y.U.S — The Axiom 20th Anniversary Reunion

I guess you can go home again. Literally, for me. My wife and I dropped off the kiddos at my parents’ house and headed to Fitzgerald’s for the long-awaited and anticipated Axiom 20th Anniversary Party. From the official blog, you could feel the excitement for this event, with many musicians and fans reuniting in Houston to remember our misspent youths and that venerable club, The Axiom, which gave a generation of Houston kids a place to explore art, music, and general weirdness…

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