RSD 2014: Record Store Day Is Upon Us

If you follow anything relating to local music stores, you’re probably already well aware, but if you don’t and you’re not: tomorrow (Saturday, April 19th) is Record Store Day. It’s grown from its somewhat humble beginnings…

Yr. (Early) Weekend, Pt. 1: Weird Party (Rev’d!) + Wild Moccasins (Rev’d!) + Dax Riggs + Web Awards + Broncho (MP3!) + More

What the…? Is it really only a Thursday (June 28th, to be exact)? Then how in the hell are there so many damn cool things going on tonight? Seriously, there’s more good stuff on the calendar tonight than there is on Friday

Roky Moon & BOLT Prepare to Burst Forth Into the World — Be One of the Lucky Few to Bear Witness

A bit late on this, unfortunately, but I wanted to give these guys a shout-out, even still… Back on Monday, the cool, cool people in Roky Moon & BOLT officially announced the kickoff show for their forthcoming West Coast tour, which’ll start Fri., April 8th

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Main Street Block Party + NOFX + Latch Key Kids + One Mic Houston + Tattooed For Good + Metal Summit 4 + More

Aaaaand here’s the biggie of the weekend — Saturday, January 22nd, is looking like an awesomely busy, option-filled day, I have to say. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it out to any of this stuff, but hey, you definitely shouldn’t follow my example…

Join Us at Metal Summit 3, This Saturday

The Dread Lair and Sound Exchange are proud to present Metal Summit 3. This is a gathering of metal brothers and sisters to network and exchange ideas on how to make the local metal scene in Houston better…

Sound Exchange

1846 Richmond Houston, TX. 77098 (713) 666-5555 “soundex” at “firstworld dot net”

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