Tonight: Knights of the Fire Kingdom & We Were Wolves Tear Down Rudz

There’s actually a fair amount of stuff going on tonight, despite it being a Thursday (January 17th, to be specific), but the show that knocks me flat on my ass for this evening is over at Rudyard’s, where truly awesome, guitars-on-fire rockers…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: !Yes Indeed! Fest + American Sharks + Illegal Wiretaps + Wine Fest + Touche Amore + More

And now, on to today — Saturday, September 29th — and holy crap, there’s a lot going on. Seriously, there’s so much happening this afternoon/evening that I’m pretty sure I’m actually missing a bunch of it. Damn…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Peloton + Omotai + The Fox Derby (Rev’d!) + Poor Pilate + George Baba + More

Yes, folks, it’s now Friday, February 17th, and don’t let the rain get you down, because there’s a ton of stuff going on tonight, a lot of which is very, very cool. I’ll get right to it…

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