WE LIKE THINGS 2012: Telling you all about the awesome things you (maybe) missed last year.

Yes, another year gone by, and another (ridiculously-late) set of top ten lists from us folks here at SCR of all of the good/amazing/awesome things we ran across in 2012. Your intrepid writerly-type people have gone through literally thousands…

Sharks and Sailors/Honey and Salt, “All Static”/“Cohere”

Damn. Just…damn. Listening to “All Static,” the A-side of this split-7″ from now-departed post-rock trio Sharks and Sailors, I can’t help but tear up a little bit…

Pour One Out, Y’all: Bright Men of Learning & Sharks and Sailors Have Their Last Hurrah

sigh. The music scene in this city, as anybody who observes it for longer than six months or so, has a lifecycle all its own. Bands pop up, bands mutate into other bands, bands leave town, bands come to town (and yes, that one’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you…)

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Linus Pauling Quartet + Golden Cities + Side Arms + Scale The Summit + Dax Riggs + The Bangles + More

Time for the second installment of the weekend’s cool shows, and tonight’s actually more jam-packed, if anything, than last night. Let’s just cut to the chase, eh? Here’s what sounds good to yours truly: ST-37/Linus Pauling Quartet (split-7″ release)/Golden Cities @ Rudyard’s

Omotai, Peace Through Fear

Honestly, it’s apparent right from the first stagger-stomp second of opening track “What the Misanthrope Said” which way Omotai’s Peace Through Fear is going to go: heavy, thundering, hammer-like slabs of sound crushing you to the floor while the gods look on, laughing, from high, high above…

Sharks and Sailors

Holy fucking shit. I can’t believe it’s taken me this damn long to put these folks on this little page. Why? To put it bluntly, because they’re probably the best indie-rock band in town right now; no offense to the many, many other talented bands doing their thing here in H-town, but Sharks and Sailors are truly something else…

Update!: Frightened Rabbit + Papermoons (Tonight! Leaving Town!) + Sharks and Sailors (8/1) + Paul Weller(!) + Autovein + More

Update time, and somewhat of an urgent one, to boot — in the spirit of Just-In-Time Reviewing (which is all the trend these days, don’tcha know), we’ve got a brand-new review up of Papermoons inaugural full-length, New Tales, and holy crap, they just happen to be playing tonight. Imagine that… Anyway, the band’s playing up […]

Sharks and Sailors, Builds Brand New

These folks are an enigma — on the one hand, they can be crushingly heavy, with thundering guitars, surging basslines, and neck-snapping drums, but even at their heaviest, Sharks and Sailors remain tranquil, almost serene…

Live: Sharks and Sailors Blast Out of Houston

In downtown Houston, I’ve lately spotted a number of music fans sporting t-shirts celebrating the local band Sharks and Sailors. Intrigued, I was able to catch their live show one night at The Proletariat (on Richmond near Montrose). The show I attended was just one day in their media-publicized, four-day mini tour, where four different bands from four different cities…

Sharks and Sailors, Sharks and Sailors

The first release from this Houston quartet reveals a startlingly well-developed sound. This bold, forceful, thought-provoking EP recalls a whole lineage of loud indie rock, from Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr. to Fugazi…

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