Yr. (Very Late) Weekend, Pt. 3: Joe Mathlete + SXSW Overflow Fest + Tyagaraja + Hadag Nahash + Blackguard + More

Late, late, late, again, and I know some of the show-type things have slipped past; sorry about that, y’all… I really, truly meant to mention {Chris Becker}‘s Music for Silent Films deal at FrenetiCore

SXSW Overflow 2011: Day Five (Shark?, Standing Shadows, & MiniBoone)

Alright, so while I’m homebound, I figured it’d make at least a little sense to go ahead and get the lineup for tomorrow’s (Sunday, March 13th) Super Happy Fun Land SXSW Overflow Fest out of the way… Yet another light bill…

H-Town Mixtape

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