Day for Night 2017 Rundown, Pt. 3: True American + Shabazz Palaces + N N O A + Demdike Stare + of Montreal + Princess Nokia + James Blake + Faten Kanaan + Lil B

Annnnnd here we are again, y’all. It’s time for Round Three of our preview/rundown things for this year’s Day for Night, which is this coming Friday-Sunday, December 15th-17th at what used to be the old Downtown Post Office but is now the art/performance space Post HTX. The weekend promises to be packed full of all types of music — trending towards the odd, quirky, or experimental, mind you…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Alkaline Trio + Sing Your Life Showcase + Shabazz Palaces (MP3!) + Shellee Coley (MP3!) + More

It’s that time again — Friday, and this time it’s Friday, May 3rd, with a decent-sized pile of good stuff going on. Not as much as some recent Fridays, it’s true, but hey, quality counts…

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