Everybody Dies: Knights of the Fire Kingdom Reveal Their New Video & Their At-Long-Last Album Release

Yeah, yeah — I know The World’s About to End (again), what with a maybe-hurricane maybe-bearing down on Houston, but that doesn’t mean all movement has to cease, right? That’s especially true today, because H-town rawk dudes Knights of the Fire Kingdom cut loose with some big, big news. Not only have they finally announced the release of their long-awaited full-length (which I swear to God I’ve been listening to for in some form or another for close to two years now)…

Tonight: Wonky Power Presents the Knights of the Fire Kingdom, Live on Video

Alrighty; been on vacation of late, both out of town and offline, and I know I’ve missed quite a bit — apologies for that, folks. Trying to pick things up again now, though, and I figured I’d start with a musical-type thing tonight (Wed., March 25th, that is) that’s a bit of a twofer…

Madness on Main Street Rundown, Pt. 3: Electric Attitude + Cosmic Bug Loaf + Glass the Sky + Antiques + The Docs + Sphynx + Satellite D’Homme + The Wandering Bufaleros

Alright, folks — back again with installment #3 of the previews (see installments #1 and #2 over here and here) for the rapidly-approaching Madness on Main Street Music Fest, coming up this Saturday, May 9th over on the Mid-Main strip. Get your advance tickets now, BTW; I’m told they’re running out fast…

[UPDATED!] This Saturday: Satellite D’Homme Debuts (Lands?) at Fitzgerald’s (Plus Giveaway Time!)

Alright, so this may sound a little familiar, but…do you remember last month, when we got all psyched about the return of Roky Moon & BOLT!? Of course you do! And why in the hell am I bringing it up yet again?…

Roky Moon & BOLT! Ride Again, Real Damn Soon

Holy freaking hell yeah, people. Yes, the much-mourned Roky Moon & BOLT! are apparently reuniting at the end of March for a couple of badass-sounding reunion shows. Granted, that doesn’t mean it’s a “real” reunion beyond those couple of gigs, but hey, I’ll take it…

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