Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Listen Around Your Way + Football, etc. + Ruiners + Since Always + Dead Leaf Echo + Emmure + Hip Hop Run Houston + Nikkhoo/P.L.X.T.X + More

Hey, there — it’s now Saturday, March 11th, and while the grand opening festivities that were planned for today over at the rechristened/remodeled Avenida Houston (i.e., the area of Downtown Houston around George R. Brown Convention Center) was postponed to a later date because of the weather, there’s still plenty going on…

Tonight: The Wheel Workers Throw Some Political Fireballs at the Satellite

Anybody can write a political song; conversely, very few people can write a good political song. For every Public Enemy or Billy Bragg out there, there’s a metric ton of flat-out terrible also-rans. And then, thankfully, there’s The Wheel Workers, who take political songwriting and graft it to smart, clever, earworm-packed pop…

Let The Word Be Heard: The Wheel Workers Return Home After Introducing Themselves to the South

The Wheel Workers are a Houston mainstay, with three albums already under their belts since 2011 (and one on the way), but for anyone outside of Texas, they are criminally not as well-known, despite their obvious greatness. So how does a band go about getting the word out? They hit the road for a six-date tour…

One Night, Two Album Releases: Deep Cuts & NEXT WAVE (& A Few Other Things, Too)

I’ve been sorely neglecting things on the upcoming-show front lately, so updating the list these past couple of weeks has made me nearly freaking giddy with excitement about some of the shows we’ve got coming down the pipe. I don’t have time go into details about ’em now (sorry), but I do want to point to two that are coming up real fast, as in, um, tonight, Friday, January 15th. See, apparently the Hoary Gods of Houston Musicks decided that not only should there be one…

H-Town Venue News: Satellite Bar Is A Go, The Raven Tower Opens Soon, & Fitzgerald’s As Neighborhood Bar

First off: yeah, I know it’s been a while. This whole past year feels like a giant wave that washed over yours truly and never let up, and because of that, SCR has taken a definite back seat to a whole lot of other things. The plan, though, is to turn that around and get shit moving once again. Part of the reason why I’m dying to get things back to an even keel, I should note, is because there’s so much damn cool stuff going on right now in Houston’s scene…

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