Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Omotai + Buildings + Fiskadoro + Art Institute + Mynabirds + Deep Time (MP3s!) + Mixed Media + More

sigh. Totally blew most of last weekend — being on the road between here & San Antonio sometimes makes the show-rundown thing problematic, as does being exhausted from dealing with two munchkins who are less like children & more like perpetual-motion machines…

Ladyfinger (ne), Heavy Hands

On Heavy Hands, Ladyfinger (ne) borrows from the last 30 years or so of heavy metal. Singer Chris Machmuller sounds like a cross between Robert Plant and Perry Farrell (which should also result in an ego large enough to damage small European countries)…

Criteria, When We Break

Rarely does a band I’ve never really listened to blow me away the first time I see them live. Usually, I have to build up some sort of familiarity with their catalog to really “get into the groove” (so to speak). Criteria, however, had me running to the merch table…

Mayday, Bushido Karaoke

Much has been made of Cursive-related side project The Good Life, but I really haven’t seen all that much about Mayday; maybe I just don’t read enough “alternative” rags. At any rate, Mayday is the brainchild of Ted Stevens, Cursive’s guitarist. The record is on Saddle Creek…

Broken Spindles, Inside/Absent

It’s funny; I know that I should know Joel Peterson more for his work in The Faint than for anything — after all, those Omaha electroslammers pretty much threw the doors wide open between indie-rock and quirky dance music — but after listening to Inside/Absent

H-Town Mixtape

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