Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Project Grimm + Brand New Hearts + The Gary + Ruiners + Sarah Jaffe + More

sigh. Friday, February 1st, and I am sorely, sorely behind on the never-timely-to-begin-with weekend rundown, I’m afraid. Apologies for that, folks; been dancing with midgets all evening and am only now able to get back online. But hey, you’ve still got plenty of time to get on off the couch — here we go…

Last Saturday: Sad Like Crazy & Hootenanny Insanity

A little slow, I know, but what the hey — that’s how I roll, generally. Managed to drag my couch-sitting/munchkin-minding self out of the house this past Saturday, mostly because there was just too damn much Rock going on in H-town to ignore. I had a hard time deciding, considering that Thee Armada, Alkari, My […]

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