Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 2: Young Girls (Revd!) + IFest + Dengue Fever + Bright Men + T.S.O.L. + More

Argh. Late, late, late, sorry — spent the day dealing with sick kids & family members, and it just plain got away from me, I’m afraid. Which sucks, because there’s a lot of very awesome stuff going on tonight, Saturday, May 7th

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Pik-N-Pak Reunion Night #2 + Fiskadoro + Metal Summit 3 + The Kimonos + Winter Wallace + More

Good night coming up tonight, mostly due to the Pik-N-Pak Reunion deal, but also because of some other shows going on ’round the same time. Get on out the house; here’s where I’d recommend…

Tonight: Agent Orange + Room 101’s Last (Houston) Hurrah + Benjamin Wesley + More

Talk about taking the good right along with the bad… I have to admit, the show tonight (Wednesday, June 30th) up at Röcbar sounds pretty damn awesome, even if it hurts a little at the same time….

Update: Room 101 Review + Show (Tonight!)

It’s been a while, I know, since I posted an update up here (like, um, August?), but believe it or not, SCR hasn’t been asleep — even with Ike delivering the smackdown on Houston, we’ve kept putting up new stuff… I’ll hit the whole list soon, but the most pressing one’s the brand-new review of […]

Room 101, Demo

Don’t let the cover of the Clash’s “White Riot” tacked on at the end of this album fool you; Room 101 is a far cry from ’70s-style punk. In recorded form, at least, self-described one-man-band Roburt Reynolds’ Room 101 project owes a hell of a lot more from late-’80s NYC noise-rock…

Houston Punk

Gotta love a straight-up save-the-scene punk zine, and Houston Punk is just that. For as rough & raw as it is, the zine’s creators (which apparently sometimes includes Room 101‘s Roburt Reynolds)…

H-Town Mixtape

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